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Currently, social networks are part of people's lives, either as a fun and entertainment tool or as a source of information. When surfing the Internet, people spend most of their time on social networks - about three hours a day, according to a report published by We Are Social. Therefore, companies should be present in them as a way to establish a connection with their audience.


Invest in social networks


In 2019 the Digital report, released by the companies We are Social and Hootsuite, found that 66% of the Brazilian population is active on social networks. The survey released in 2018 by the IBGE shows that seven out of ten Brazilians are connected to the network: 181.1 million people, aged 10 years or more. In addition, Brazil is world runner-up in time browsed on social media. Therefore, your company cannot be left out!


Manage content on social media:

Making a presence on social networks, maintaining a communication channel with your audience, is a strategy that can be used in different ways. The simple fact of disclosing information about the company, its products or services is already a big gain. By reaching exactly your audience, your company can take the opportunity to establish an assertive connection with it.


In addition to keeping social media up-to-date and ready to interact with followers, generating greater empathy and facilitating engagement, your business must show its ideals, position itself in front of relevant facts and, thus, approach and captivate the customer.

It is for this reason that the content posted must be strategically planned.


How to monitor social media:

The social media manager is the professional responsible for monitoring your company's social networks. Before preparing the strategic plan, he deeply researches the profile of his business' audience in order to produce adequate content capable of seducing them. And, of course, keep track of the posts that get the most buzz, the age and gender of the people who react to them, etc.


Gathering information, however, is a judicious job that should be put to good use.

A digital marketing agency, such as EACM360º, has a professional team that is tuned in to offer a personalized service to your company's needs. And it works using all possible tools to achieve the best performance according to the available budget.


When social media content is a service:


Companies can use digital channels, such as social networks, online chats or their own website, to serve their customers in the so-called SAC 2.0. It is a simple and quick way to receive complaints, doubts, compliments and diverse manifestations from consumers.


Very efficient, since it is a direct channel between your company and the public, SAC 2.0 requires speed, as the customer wants an immediate return. And it also requires specialized service, able to resolve the issue with ease and thus eliminate any doubts that prevent the purchase from being closed.


Benefits of managing social media:


More than just a channel for publicizing your company and its products, social networks are an excellent way of interacting with consumers. This experience leads to an approximation, capable of revealing more about your business to consumers and more about consumers to your company.


On the one hand, it can arouse the admiration of consumers for your brand, establishing a connection, and on the other, generate information about the public, which can be used for new actions.


In addition, social media management offers analysis and metrics that reveal the effectiveness of the strategy adopted by us for you.



Ways to manage social networks:


Social networks provide data in which it is easy to know which content performs better, for example, so that your company can evaluate the results and develop a strategy to improve its performance.


There are also several tools, with different functions, that monitor each social network and support the strategic planning. 

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