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Sites listed on Google's front page with no media investment!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also known as website optimization, is the set of techniques applied to a website in order to make it appear in the searching websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bin, between others.


Composed of several techniques, tools and strategies used in the structural part of the website and in the published content, SEO seeks to reach the first search results, with the objective of getting more people to access your page.



The Importance of Website Optimization (SEO)

To appear prominently in search results or on the Internet in general is the goal of every website. After all, the more accesses, the greater the possibility of sales.

Turns out SEO isn't magic. To be successful and put your business at the top of Google, it takes a lot of work and dedication, such as:

  • create an efficient strategy

  • find the ideal size of your content to reach 1st position

  • find the best keywords for your audience

  • know the ideal volume of keywords in your text

  • Know how to format the text well to keep it aligned with the techniques

  • create effective backlinks to position your brand as an authority

  • know what tools to use and how to make the most of them to optimize your strategy

  • track metrics to analyze your performance


Website Optimization (SEO) Objectives

  • Optimize – adapt the internal structure and content according to search engine guidelines, to improve the ranking of your pages.

  • Ranking - getting the best position for your website on search pages. In general, sites that appear in the first suggestions from Google or other search engines do better, as most people don't make it past the second page.

  • Organic search – being able to attract a good ranking and, consequently, a higher volume of hits, without the need for a paid advertise.

Website Optimization Tools (SEO)

There are tools to help you perform a complete SEO analysis. Some are provided free by search engines and others must be purchased.

  • General Analysis – these are tools that assess your website's coding, structure and traffic. One example is Google Analytics, which reports various metrics about SEO.

  • Structural - measure your site's performance, such as page load time. Some examples are Google's Page Speed ​​and Wooranka.

  • Content – ​​analyzes the content of your website, such as keywords, titles, subtitles, number of characters, etc. One example is Yoast SEO for wordpress.



SEO reports

SEO tools generate reports after site analysis. To improve your performance, pay special attention to:

  • Traffic

  • Page loading speed

  • on-page SEO

  • Backlinks

  • Content optimization (text, image and videos)

  • Suitability for mobile


Agência de Marketing Digital B2B em São Paulo - SP
Agência de Marketing Digital B2B em São Paulo - SP
Agência de Marketing Digital B2B em São Paulo - SP
Agência de Marketing Digital B2B em São Paulo - SP
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